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Why Being Your Own Valentine is Bae


I was never really big on Valentine’s Day. The reasons for my stance are more than I can count. I will admit that I always try to get my daughters something, even if it’s just some chocolates, just because I know how big a deal this day is to everyone else. But for me, nah. Of all the commercial holidays out there, Valentine’s Day isn’t anywhere on my list. OK, now, I know you’re curious, so I’ll give you the top 4 reasons why this “day of love” doesn’t mean to me what it does to others. And thennnnnn, I’ll tell y’all why being your own Valentine is Bae. Today and every day.


Reason #1: 12 years ago, Jerrell Smith, a young man I cared for deeply was buried. This was 7 days after his death. He was so talented. He could sing his ass off and was a dope ass poet with a heart of gold So awesome. Had so much promise. And then BAM! he’s gone. So this day is a reminder that this happened, that I miss him. RIH, Boo. Love you!