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Author Joi Miner

Joi Miner, 40, is the mother of two beautiful daughters from Montgomery, Alabama (currently residing in Birmingham).

Joi is a full-time Author-Preneur who has sustained herself and her family with her love of words. She is an editor, freelance columnist, graphic designer, performance poet, storyteller, sexual assault, domestic violence, and LGBTQ rights activist.

She's a logophile and author of 37 published works in the African-American Urban Fiction, Urban Paranormal, Lesbian Fiction and Lesbian Fiction Paranormal genres. She has also edited a sum of 100,000,000 words in her 7 year freelance editing career.

Joi’s real life inspires the car-on-two-wheels plot twists, and sometimes-too-honest characters starring in her novels. With 250 concepts yet to be banged out, she’s fully committed to her art. So committed that she published a book 6 weeks poststroke, aneurysm rupture, and emergency neurosurgery in 2020.

Zombies, hitwomen, mermaids, and businessmen of color, from both sides of the rainbow, fill her literary pot, seasoned with social commentary. Joi stands on the staples that representation matters, and it's a writer's duty to be transcriptionist of the issues plaguing our society at the time. She loves writing engaging stories, with plot twists that keep readers on their seats. 

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