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The Trump Card: Why Electing Donald Trump Could Eradicate White Privilege

  1. Donald Trump answers to no one. He’s his own man and has his own money, so he can’t be bought with election donations.

  2. David Banner pointed out that one thing that matters to white people is money. If they can’t buy you or control you with it, then they feel lost. Trump has handicapped the entire foundation of the US political election because they can’t just throw money at him. And when you show white people that you don’t need their money… well, then you become a problem.

  1. He doesn’t like people of color. He’s said it. It pisses us off. But we know it.

  2. Let’s be honest, we’re already impoverished. We’ve been sold promises, fed lies, and hang onto faith and hope like Catholic mothers do rosary beads. I seriously don’t think we’re his concern. I mean, there’s nothing to benefit him from putting us on a boat or closing the borders. Again, he’s a businessman, so he knows that we’re the wheels that keep this country turning. 

  1. He can throw the white privilege into the faces of all of those who pretend that it doesn’t exist (just like they do racism).

  2. Now this is the point I’m getting to. All of the total disregard for the other man. All of the not having to answer for their wrongdoing. All of the keeping their money and being willing to give their scraps to dogs before they give them to people of color. And… and this is my favorite part… all of the comments, slurs, and plans that they make within the walls of their private clubs, saunas, etc., will slap them, like a pimp’s backhand, across their faces.

  3. Have you realized that rich whites are lobbying against Trump harder than people of color? Have you ever considered why? He's not bringing his ass to the hood. He's gonna walk into their Country Clubs, onto their golf courses, and sit in their conference rooms and at their dinner tables. And there won't be shit they can do about it. He's gonna look at this Country as a business and all businesses want to be in the black. And they may be the route he takes to get it there. They're protecting their pockets. See, it’s not that Trump is rich that’s the problem. It’s not that his wife is a trophy wife (or his third marriage) or his children who are privileged in their own right. That mole rat that’s sitting on top of his head isn’t even the problem. The problem is that Trump has broken the Code. He’s holding up a mirror to the 1% in America. He’s showing how these fine, upstanding, successful white men actually act, think, speak, and feel when nobody’s looking. Except, he doesn’t give a damn that we’re looking and that makes him more dangerous to them than it does to us. People of color have been making something from nothing since our ancestors were dragged to this damn Country. We can survive the Trumpocalypse. We don’t need underground shelters and guns to do so, either. All we need is what’s been ingrained in our DNA for centuries: the ability to be resilient. The ability to roll with the punches that we never stopped taking. The ability to tend the fields, hunt, and feed our children. Hell, they’re the ones who don’t know how to do that. We tended their shit and fed their children, remember? And, if we can ride out a Trump Presidency, or two, (which shouldn’t be too difficult because we survived Bush’s ass), these privileged white people may actually learn some humility. Maybe they’ll even create a vaccine and find a cure for Affluenza.

Forrest Gump
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