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The Trump Card: Why Electing Donald Trump Could Eradicate White Privilege

  1. Donald Trump answers to no one. He’s his own man and has his own money, so he can’t be bought with election donations.

  2. David Banner pointed out that one thing that matters to white people is money. If they can’t buy you or control you with it, then they feel lost. Trump has handicapped the entire foundation of the US political election because they can’t just throw money at him. And when you show white people that you don’t need their money… well, then you become a problem.

  1. He doesn’t like people of color. He’s said it. It pisses us off. But we know it.

  2. Let’s be honest, we’re already impoverished. We’ve been sold promises, fed lies, and hang onto faith and hope like Catholic mothers do rosary beads. I seriously don’t think we’re his concern. I mean, there’s nothing to benefit him from putting us on a boat or closing the borders. Again, he’s a businessman, so he knows that we’re the wheels that keep this country turning.