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Sneak Peek Saturday: The Kick-Off!

It's the weekend.

You're quarantined and trying to remain COVID-free.

You've binge-streamed every show and movie that your heart desires, and you're looking for something new to pique your interest.

Well... Joi Miner to the rescue!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday! Every Saturday, I'll share a snippet of one of my novels… either upcoming, or already available for you to enjoy.

This being our inaugural week and all, I couldn't decide which book to share with y'all. I have a part two releasing next week, Turnt Owt, Too. The long-awaited sequel, Turnt Owt: A Zombie Snatched My Soul. But I chose, instead, to kick things off with a celebration! 

I was privileged to be able to regain the rights to all of my books and they are re-uploaded and available for purchase on Amazon! These books are like my babies, so to have them all back home is a reason to turnnnnn up! Lol.

Check your girl out on my Amazon Author Page and fall in love again with some of your faves, or get lost in something new. From hittas in love to side pieces to black girl magic, I'm certain you can find your next great read in my catalog.

Subscribe, and be on the lookout for new releases!

Ok. Ok. I fibbed a little bit in the beginning. This book is very near and dear to me because the characters are named after my daughters. They even have their personalities. When I told them that I was going to use their names, Dira, my goth wiccan first born and first love, wanted to be the vampire. Fitting, right? And my little ray of sunshine, my Phoenix, wanted to be the sorceress, which was fitting because she's magical in real life. So, without further adieu... Let's kick off Sneak Peek Saturday with a little Black Girl Magic!

Chapter One

The Power of A Woman

Ọlọrun Realm

Ruuuuuummmmmbbbblleeeeee! Zzzzt! Zzzzt! Zzzzt!

Darkness enveloped the entire Kingdom, and the atmosphere grumbled. Strikes of light danced throughout, making everyone run for cover. They didn’t know what was going on, but it was something that they had never experienced before. The vibration knocked them off their feet and the ground split in areas closest to the Kingdom.

Ruuuuuummmmmbbbblleeeeee! Zzzztttttttt!

Preparing a ration of love for the day, Wadjet felt the transition transpire that was so powerful it made the bowl clatter from her hands and shatter. Standing still, she absorbed the feel and knew that it was her youngest, Wilhemenia. She knew she was powerful, but it was becoming more and more prominent every day. It made Wadjet proud and, even though she wished that all three of her girls were home and could come together, having one was better than none at all in her opinion.

Floating away from the mess, she wanted to make sure that her baby girl was ok. She knew that she was ready to leave the nest and had only remained because her SiStars were gone, and her mother was becoming weak. Rounding the corner, she slithered into her child’s space and immediately wished that she hadn’t.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Yessssss! Mo ni ife o. Mo ni ife o. (I love it. I love you.)”


The power resonating from the pleasure that Whil was giving herself knocked her mother across the room. She bounced off of the Loofla that separated the sections of the castle and went crashing down, taking the photos of her three daughters down with her. Simultaneously, the skies opened up, raining comets throughout Ọlọrun, crashing downward, and erupting into a pink, cloudy fog that carried the scent of jubilation, making everyone high and causing a euphoric calm to embrace all beings within its reach.

“Oh! Iya! What are you— When did you— Are you— Oh my Goddess!” Whil was stunned by her mother being in her space. Especially in a time when she thought she was alone, and she was being intimate with herself.

She wanted to get up and help her mother up, but she was too ashamed. Her aura turned yellow with embarrassment and she couldn’t look her mother in the eyes. Wadjet found the entire interaction humorous. She knew that her children had desires. They had lived almost three millennia. She just didn’t expect that they would all come into their sexual awakening at the same time. That made her think back on Phoenix and her dancing while dreaming of some man, or being, and how they were all in a place where she once was, before her heart had been broken.

“It’s ok, Whil. You’re your own being. I thought something was wrong. I didn’t think that I would walk in on… this,” she said with a giggle, making her daughter’s yellow aura turn golden. “When did you come into your awakening?” Wadjet asked, knowing that she was speaking on a sensitive subject and her daughter, already being embarrassed, might not be receptive to her inquisition.

“Well, I started feeling it about a week ago, and I called Qadira,” Wilhemenia told her mother, knowing that it bothered her that she went to her SiStar instead of coming to her. But when it came to intimacy and ecstasy, Qadira was the one that she knew would be the most open and honest, her being a succubus and all.

“You called Qadira?” Wadjet said with a laugh, knowing her daughter's logic was perfect. If no one else was going to guide her in that area, Qadira was it.

“Why is that funny?” Whil asked, getting offended. She thought her mother was mocking her.

“Because I would’ve called her, too, if I was you. I mean, as your Iya, it’s my job to keep you pure as long as possible, and not have you out here sharing your power with every being that makes you blush. But Qadira, I’m sure she told you to experiment, take and give power. Eat their masculinity for breakfast and discharge it in the evenings. Own yourself,” Wadjet said in her middle child’s voice. Of all her daughters, Qadira had been the one to give her the most fits. To this moment, she couldn’t get through to that child. She was happy that she was at least still talking to Whil, though, because Qadira and Phoenix hadn’t spoken in eons.

Coming out of her reverie, she saw that Wilhemenia was a ball of joy laughing at her mother’s emulation of her middle child. Wadjet joined in on the laughter, and they both filled the space with their jovial energy.

“Iya, you sounded just— just like her. Have you been tapping our calls? Because that’s almost exactly what she said. Ọrọ gidi (Real talk).”

“I just know my children,” Wadjet admitted. She hated to say that she knew, too, that getting them all together to combat what was coming for the Kingdom was going to be damn near impossible as well. It was going to have to take a miracle to make it happen. One that she wasn’t even mighty enough to create.

“Iya! What’s wrong?” Whil asked, feeling the change in mood.

“Nothing,” Wadjet lied, moving backwards, heading to clean up the mess she’d made earlier and finish preparing rations. “I’ll have your rations ready soon. Sage yourself before you come to my table,” she joked, trying to lighten the mood that had become heavy with her unspoken concerns.

Whil nodded her head, not wanting to push, but knowing that her mother was keeping something from her. She would wait until another time to ask, and maybe she would get some straight answers. Otherwise, she would have to cast her mother and make her tell her what was going on. Getting up to prepare the sage, she called her SiStar, not being able to keep the fiasco that had just happened to herself.

“Whilllllllll, how are you, you beautiful, radiant creature of light you?” Qadira greeted her SiStar as soon as she answered the transmission.

Wilhemenia laughed because she knew that her SiStar was drunk and wondered what poor, unsuspecting human had been the flavor of the night. She didn’t even want to think about it. The one thing that she hated more than anything else in the world, was that her SiStar was on Earth taking lives to satisfy her thirst, when she could easily come home and not have to take a life to satisfy her desires.

“You won’t believe what just happened,” Whil said, whispering like she was worried about being overheard.

“Do tell. I need some excitement in my life,” Qadira said with a giggle at the face that her SiStar made, because in Whil’s mind, Qadira was living her best life. When in reality, she was becoming bored with her existence and was considering coming home. At least for a little while.

“Iya walked in on me.”

“Walked in on you?” Qadira asked, looking on with a furrowed brow.

“Yep,” Whil said, smirking and hoping that her SiStar would read her mind, and she wouldn’t have to say what actually happened. But she knew, too, that when Qadira was drunk, she was less connected to herself, let alone her SiStars, and she didn’t pick up on the cues.

Lighting the sage, she sat it in the cauldron, letting it fill the space with smoke. She knew that she had a few minutes before it would be ready for her, so she wanted to go ahead and fill her SiStar in before she had to go. Not to mention she had worked up an appetite and was ready for the rations that their mother had waiting for her.

“What am I missing, Whilly-pooh?” she called Whil by the nickname they had given her when they were younger. The nickname that she loathed because it reminded her that she was the baby.

Taking a moment to get herself together, because she knew that her SiStar was under the influence and meant no harm, Wilhemenia shook off her feelings of adversity before continuing.

“Ibalopo (Sex),” Whil filled in the blanks for Qadira.

“Ibalopo? Wait… Ibalopo!” Qadira repeated before breaking into a fit of laughter. She fell backwards in the bed and Whil cringed at the pale woman that was in the bed beside her SiStar. She never liked the careless way that Qadira handled the Earthlings. She wasn’t careful and, even though she knew that she was an Eternal, she could still suffer a great deal of discomfort at the hands of the humans if she was found out.

“DiDi, gross,” Whil said, turning away from the image before her.

“Really, Whil? You still can’t deal with my lifestyle? See, this is why I left home,” Qadira retorted, hating the judgment she was feeling.

“It’s not that. I just want you to—”

“Be careful. I know. I been on Earth for three centuries, Whil, and I’m still around. Careful is the least of my concern,” Qadira filled her in.

“Fine. Well. I have to sage. Your Iya said that I wasn’t welcome at her table with my root chakra all over the place,” Whil told her SiStar, making her laugh again.

This time Whil joined in. Their mother was such a prude, and she sometimes wondered how she ended up pregnant with not one, not two, but three deities at once. And they were all from differing realms. So, at some point, Wadjet was bustin’ it open for somebody. They’d asked her about it. About how they’d come to be, and she never told them, saying that she would tell them when they were ready. They were almost three millennia old and she still hadn’t told them.

“Go bury that body,” Whil said, chastising her SiStar as gently as she could.

“Will do. Now that you’ve mastered self Ibalopo, time to go experience a real energy exchange,” Qadira challenged her SiStar with a smirk, making Whil blush a beautiful magenta.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for all that yet. But soon,” she said, before shedding her bed cloak and getting ready to get in the cauldron.

“Mo fẹràn rẹ, arabinrin mi (I love you, my SiStar),” Qadira said, sitting up with a seriousness coming over her face. “Titi ti a ba wa jọ lẹẹkansi. Jẹ lagbara. (Until we’re together again. Be strong.)”

“Titi ti a ba wa jọ lẹẹkansi (Until we’re together again),” Whil said just above a whisper.

She missed her SiStars, and she wouldn’t deny that. She wanted all of them back together like they once were. They were so mighty. They completed one another and she felt less and less complete in their absence.

“Laipe (Soon),” she said to herself, stepping into the cauldron and letting her chakras realign, and her shade shifted to a sullen blue. She missed her SiStars dearly and hoped that Existence didn’t come to an end before they came together again.


Enjoyed what you've read so far? Read more!

Coming Next Week:

Not your average zombie story. Zombies have feelings, too.

Until next time! Be kind to yourselves and each other!

Love Y'all! Always,

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