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Sneak Peek: Joi Miner Work-In-Progress


Poetic Advisory, LLC edits a lot of urban fiction and street lit. I mean A LOT. And, about a week or so ago, while chatting with my publisher, Shani Greene-Dowdell, I was challenged to write three things: Part 3 and the Finale to my A Good Girl with Bad Habits series, a destination romance, and complete a street lit spin-off from my Side Piece Chronicles series that I’ve been playing with the idea of. Well, the street lit was kinda my idea and we ran with it. Lol. I’ll be giving away copies of that one at the Poetic Advisory Red and Black Affair and Company Launch here in Birmingham on June 25th (flyer below).


**Please be advised, this post contains adult content**

**The following material is Unpublished Work © 2016 Jamesha Henderson**

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way... Enjoy!


Keisha “Whew! New blood got ass!” I heard one the officers say as I walked to my locker to get ready for my first day as an official Montgomery Police Officer. I didn’t even waste my time responding, but I made a mental note of his face because I knew his ass was gonna be a problem for me. I knew this was gonna be the norm since I was in a world that was filled with men with egos bigger than their dicks. I wasn’t interested in any of their shit and wouldn’t be bothered. I walked into the female dressing room and ran into Shawnna, another Rookie who seemed to be more welcoming to the advances. “Girl, you betta lose that stank ass attitude. You never know when your life may be on the line and you’ll need one of them to cover your ass,” Shawnna said, shaking her head at me as I rolled my eyes. “Girl, they’re being pigs,” I said, then caught myself because I knew the connotation that that word carried in my new career. Shawnna laughed at me so hard she had to sit down. I didn’t find shit funny. I came to do my job. Period. If me being protected came at the price of me bustin’ it open to one or more of these niggas in here, I was just gonna have to make sure I was a marksman and on my shit. I could take care of myself. “Pick ya face up off the floor, Keisha,” Shawnna finally managed to get out between giggles. “You better leave that feminism shit at home when you come up in here. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re outnumbered in this bitch. I plan to work my way to the top, one way or another,” she said, air grinding, letting me know what she meant. “I would suggest you do the same. We can have these niggas eatin’ out the palm of our hands if we play our cards right.” “Girl bye. What I’m not finna do is be station for the MPD train. If you wanna let these niggas choo-choo through your ass, that’s your prerogative. I like my walls intact,” I frowned my face up at her. I didn’t like her ass at the Academy and I was likin’ her even less now. But we were the only two women who made it, so I had told myself to at least try to get along with her. That shit was now out the window because you are the company you keep and I’d be damned if I was gonna be a hoe by association. Bitch was actin’ just like the two steps up from the projects ass chicken she was. I guess old habits die hard. I told myself to watch her ass because I felt like she was gonna be a fuckin’ problem, too. It was fucked up that I felt like I had to watch my back against these people who was supposed to be my “brothers and sisters.” “Hey, do you, boo. I’m just sayin’ maybe I’ll remember you when I make it to the top. I hope I ain’t givin’ your ass a gun salute before then,” she said, rolling her eyes and checking her ass in the mirror before putting on too much damn lipstick and walking past, blowing me a kiss. I gave her ass the finger as I made my way out for roll call so I could meet my new partner. I stood in line nervous as hell. This was the moment that I had been waiting for since I applied for the Academy, but with my luck, I knew I was gonna be paired with an asshole and I would have to deal with that shit. I hadn’t missed the way all the men had been looking at me. So this was a lose-lose-lose situation. “Officer Keisha Taylor. Step forward, rookie.” I heard my name and stepped forward as I was told. “You’re gonna be with Officer Smith.” I looked over as the asshole who had made the smart ass comment when I came in this morning stepped forward and smirked at me. I kept myself from rolling my eyes. Of course, I would end up with his ass. I bet he requested me. He looked like the type. Oh well, it is what it is. I hope this nigga ain’t on no bullshit, I thought to myself as I stepped back in line until we were dismissed.

***** “Yo new blood, slow down,” Smith said, as I made my way through the station. I was ready to get out of there and learn everything I could. I had already made a mental note to apply for a solo cruiser as soon as humanly possible. “My name ain’t new blood, bruh,” I responded, turning on my heels to face him. “And let’s get a few fuckin’ things straight. I don’t think that chauvinistic shit is cute. We’re partners so treat me like you would any of those fuckin’ men in there. Don’t come hittin’ on me and shit, because I ain’t interested. I wanna learn as much as I can from you, but you can’t teach me shit if you thinkin’ wit’ ya dick. And we both know, loss of blood flow to your brain could get us both killed. My life is in your hands, just like yours is in mine. I might let ya get shot in the ass for that new blood shit, but I’ll protect you with my life and I expect the same from you, ya dig.” Smith just stood there with a dumb ass smirk on his face the whole time I ran down the rules of the game to his ass. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest and I saw that he had on a wedding band, which made me even angrier with the statement that he’d made when I came in this morning. He probably had a wife who worshipped the ground his ass walked on with a house full of kids, and he was out fuckin’ around on her. But I had to admit he was fine. He stood about six foot two with deep chocolate skin. He had a bald head that you could imagine holding between your legs while he ate the shit outta you. His body showed that he worked out, even through his uniform. He had big, dark brown eyes that I felt were peering through me, a broad nose, and a pair of lips so full they resembled a sofa, making me wanna sit on his face and get comfortable. But I didn’t mix business with pleasure. Period. Especially not with a married man because one day I wanted to be married and would kill my husband and his bitch if he stepped out on me. I knew karma was a bitch so I wasn’t even tryna bring that kinda shit on myself. Not wanting to let him know that I was even thinking about him like that, I stood with my hands on my hips, waiting for him to respond. He tightened his jaw and smiled before speaking. He walked up really closely to me, causing me to back up until my back was against the cruiser. All in my personal space, he leaned down, his breath on my ear making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “You might wanna lose that fuckin’ attitude, Keisha. I’m gonna be your best friend for a while and…” he leaned back and looked me in the eyes before continuing, “if I want yo’ ass, I’ll get you. Now, let’s get in the car and try this shit again.” He stepped back and looked at me. I couldn’t move because I didn’t know how to take his statement. He smirked arrogantly, knowing he’d just fucked my head up. “And you’re too pretty to be cussin’ and shit like that. Shit’s unattractive,” he added, reaching around me to open his car door. I walked around to the passenger side, completely speechless. I’d never had a man handle me like that and wondered if he could smell my soaked panties like a predator could smell fear on its prey. I didn’t say anything as he took me around, showing me the problem areas in our beat. “It’s usually pretty calm ‘round here. You just gotta watch these young niggas. They have the tendency to wanna try you and see if you can handle ‘em. And even though your mouth is sharp as a fuckin’ Ginsu knife, that shit won’t save you when you gotta tussle with one of their asses. So I hope your bite matches your fuckin’ bark,” Smith said, cutting his eyes at me. “I guess we’ll have to see, huh?” I replied sarcastically. He laughed because he knew he’d muzzled my ass and I was trying my damndest to get control back over the situation. Turning into Krispy Kreme’s parking lot, I laughed to myself. “My dude, don’t tell me that police and donuts thing is real. You don’t even look like the type. You strike me as a health nut that does meal plans and shit… and stuff,” I caught myself and then bit down on my bottom lip, mad as hell that he had me censoring myself already. “That’s better,” he smiled at me. “No, I don’t like donuts. And you’re right, I think our bodies are temples. But coffee is my vice,” he admitted. “How about Starbucks, then,” I suggested. “I don’t drink that bourgeois shit. But why am I not surprised that you do?” he looked me up and down while he held the door for me to walk in. I knew he was gonna take the opportunity to look at my ass but there wasn’t much I could do about that. Men had been gawkin’ over my small waist and big ass since puberty. I let him have his look while I walked up to the counter. “I’ll take a large black,” I said to the girl behind the counter. “And my partner will have…” I looked back at Smith, waiting for him to order. He was so busy lustin’ over my body that he’d lost his focus. “Uh… I’ll have the same,” he said, looking from me to the cashier with a grin on his face. He ain’t even tryin’ to hide the shit, I thought to myself, shaking my head. “Come on, man. Show some respect,” I shook my head at him, walking away with my cup to add some sugar. “Look man, after a few weeks I’ll be used to it. But act like you don’t know you got the kinda body that would cause a damn pileup,” he said like what he was doin’ was ok. “Whatever,” I said, smackin’ my lips and walking over to have a seat. “What you doin’?” he asked, walking towards the door. “Bring ya ass.” I got up with a huff and walked back through the door. I don’t know why I thought we had time to sit around doin’ nothing. We walked back to the car and headed back to Fairview Avenue to ride through the neighborhoods. He wanted to make sure that I knew my way around in case we ended up chasing someone. “So, what’s your first name, Smith?” I asked, trying to be amicable. Like he said, I was gonna be with him for a while, so I should get to know him. “Sam,” he said through gritted teeth. “Like the singer?” I busted out laughing. “Yeah, yeah, laugh that shit up. That white boy is named Sam Smith like me. I got his ass by at least ten years,” he seethed. I could tell he got that shit all the time. “My bad, man,” I said, laughing some more. “Ok… ok… I’m good. Tell me about you. I see you’re married. You got any kids?” I asked. “Yeah, two. You pay attention, I see.” “Got to,” I said, proudly accepting the compliment. “It’s a big part of the job.” “Don’t poke all them breasts out too far, you be done popped a button,” he laughed. “Did you notice anything about me that isn’t physical?” I asked, turning towards the window angrily. “Yep. I noticed yo’ ass ain’t had a good dick down in a while. You’re one of those man hatin’ women who feel like she has to prove herself to everybody. You want to prove that you’re equal so bad that you forget that one of your strengths is your femininity and softness. You could be a secret weapon if you could get over yourself. What better thing to have on your team than a baddie who can fuck some shit up if need be?” he said, making me smile. “Interesting,” I said, not taking my eyes off the window. “That’s why I requested you. I think you’re gonna go places here and I want to do everything I can to prepare you for what your career can bring. That chicken head ass Shawnna is gonna be the Department Jump-Off. I ain’t want no parts of that. She probably already applying a replacement coat of that loud ass lipstick she had on because the first coat is on her partner’s dick. I ain’t tryna go that route. I wanted the woman who walked through that bitch like she owned it and who I heard was a beast with that baton and at the range.” I laughed because he really had done his research and was probably right about Shawnna. As the light turned green, he looked at me one more time, making sure that I saw how serious he was. I could see that, underneath all those fly ass comments, he really did see something in me. “I knew you requested me,” I said, shaking my head as we rode down Mobile Highway. “I did. I knew I was gonna be assigned a new partner. It’s been a year since mine… since Herbert died. So, if that was gonna be the case, I didn’t wanna chance getting myself killed while I had Shawnna’s ass distracting me with some bomb head,” he snickered at his own statement. “But, on some real shit, man,” he said as we stopped at a another red light. “You gotta learn to trust me, though. So Keisha, do you think you can trust me?” I finally looked over at him and he was staring at me intently. But this wasn’t a lustful stare. He was dead ass serious. I told myself to get the story about his partner’s death later on because I could see some hurt behind his eyes. As the light changed, I smiled and said, “with my life.” I knew I meant it, but I had no idea why. I couldn’t understand how I’d made such a quick transition from not liking his ass at the station to meaning it when I said I knew he could be trusted with my life. I’d figure that shit out later. He didn’t say another word. Just pulled off and kept showing me around.




One year later “Fuckkkkk, Sam!!! Oh my God! Right there! Please… don’t… stop… ahhhhhhh,” she let out a scream as she squirted all over me. I loved that shit. We were on our lunch break and, like every day for the past six months, we were fuckin’ instead of eating. I got up and walked into her bathroom, turning on the shower. While I waited for the water to get hot, I saw her sit up in the bed like she was wrapped up in her thoughts. Not this shit again, I thought to myself. Since we’d started fuckin’ around, she’d been having this battle of conscience every time I got done beatin’ her back in. I turned back around and stepped into the shower. I lathered up with the Axe Phoenix body wash that she kept here for me. I didn’t know which part was gonna come first, the “when are you gonna leave your wife” or the “we can’t do this shit anymore, I don’t mix business and pleasure.” Either way, I wasn’t feelin’ it. To be such an “independent woman,” Keisha’s ass got clingy as hell once I gave her the dick. She’d done shit like drop hints around my wife and shit. I’d even caught her trailing us some nights when we went on our date nights and mysteriously poppin’ up at the same places that we were at “on a date.” My wife, Nicole, would laugh and joke that my partner had a little crush on me. She’d even told me to invite her to join us since she wanted me so badly. Not an insecure woman at all, it didn’t faze her one bit. She knew where I was and knew that leaving her and my kids wasn’t an option for me. Apparently, Keisha didn’t get the memo. I heard the toilet seat hit the back of the commode and then heard water hitting water. I was surprised that she had any fluid left in her after the mess she’d made all over her bed and the floor. She flushed and washed her hands before joining me in the shower. I kept my back to her because I didn’t wanna see that sad look on her face. I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. I could hear her pop her damn lips all the way in her bedroom. I was getting dressed when she finally came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. She gave me the look like she was ready for round two that made me stop putting my clothes on. Dropping the towel, she walked up on me, getting on her tiptoes to give me a kiss. Keisha was bad as hell, now. And if I didn’t have a wife, I would definitely have been trying to lock her ass down. But I did have a wife, so that wasn’t an option. “You want some more? Put on a show for daddy,” I said, stepping back without giving her the kiss she was looking for. She cut her eyes at me and I laughed because she was acting like this was new shit. I didn’t kiss anybody but my wife. Not the hoes I fucked who wanted to get out of a ticket, not the drunk women who had to be escorted home, and definitely not my psycho ass partner who was already too emotionally invested. “Man, fuck you, Sam,” Keisha said, stomping back into the bathroom. “That mouth!” I laughed. “And didn’t we just do that?” I added insult to injury. Keisha came back out of the bathroom with her Hitachi. I shook my head because she was tryna make me jealous. I walked across the room, sitting in the arm chair that gave me a full view of her bed. She bent over, giving me a glimpse of her ass as she plugged her toy into the wall. She laid on the bed with her legs spread, choosing the pulsation that she needed to get off. My dick jumped in my pants as I watched her hold it against her clit with one hand and play with her nipple with the other. I took her in. She was caramel brown with a short cut that she slicked down with gel when she was working. She had a face that belonged on a magazine, resembling the actress Lupita Nyong'o. Her strong cheekbones made her look exotic when she made her fuck faces. She had perfectly perky size C breasts, a flat stomach that I helped her keep tight with our daily visits to the gym, and an ass that you could sit a damn cup on. Right now, it was spread out as she lay on her back, pleasuring herself. She’d admitted to me on one of our many days stuck in the car together that she’d been a stripper at Sammy’s in Birmingham to pay her way through college at Miles. She’d gotten her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and planned to attend Law School. But when her mom got sick, she came back here to Montgomery and decided that she might as well find work here. That’s how she’d ended up in the Academy. Keisha pointed her toes, showing the definition in her calves as her thick thighs started to shake, indicating the first of many orgasms I knew she was going to have before she was done. She was insatiable. Her appetite was the reason that I kept her around. When Nicole was in one of her moods, hell, even when she wasn’t, I was able to come knock Keisha down and go on about my damn business. Looking at her, you’d never think that she grew up in Tulane Court. But, with all the connections she had with the dealers and shit around the Gump, I soon realized that she was a hood chick that had been on both sides of the law. I knew, when she introduced me to her ex, Ra’el King, also known as the King of the Gump, that I had to keep an eye on her. She had to be a gutter ass chick to be his woman and I soon found out that they were still in contact. She was now bent over with the Hitachi against her clit, making her ass clap, showing me that she hadn’t lost any of her stripper moves. I wanted to join in on the fun, but I wasn’t about to fall into that trap. Keisha was a devious type female. She did nothing without a motive. That brings me back to the whole Ra’el King thing. The more time we spent cooped up in that car, the more she revealed. The motherfucker was like a confessional. I’d seen in the past year, Keisha turning a blind eye to the dudes workin’ the block for him. Somehow, he always knew when we were about to do a raid on him or one of his traps, and there was never anything found there that we could stick to him. I’d even watched her hassle and arrest his competitors. She was workin’ for him on the inside and fuckin’ me to make me turn a blind eye. If the shit wasn’t right in my face, I looked the other way. And she had saved my ass a few times, and turned a blind eye to me gettin’ my knob slobbed on, even though I knew she was jealous as hell when it was goin’ on, so I figured we were even. No one sin is worse than the other. As long as my job wasn’t in jeopardy, I was straight. And I got to dig up in her fine ass on a regular basis, so it was a win-win for me. “Ahhhh shit,” she screamed, bringing me back to the reality that was right in front of me. Her body jerked and her eyes rolled back in her head. My dick jumped so hard it started to hurt. Her ass was rippling and I couldn’t stand it anymore. While she was still cumming, I made my way across the room in a couple of swift steps and spread her ass cheeks, shoving every bit of my eleven-inch dick into her. I wanted her to feel like my shit was about to come out of her mouth. She kept the Hitachi against her clit while I pressed her face down in her pillow and drilled her ass good. I loved the sensation of that vibration with every stroke. I made a mental note to get my wife one of those. Keisha’s muffled screams made me go harder. I wasn’t anywhere near cumming and I wasn’t stopping until I did. She tightened her walls around my dick and made her ass cheeks jump individually, knowing that would make me lose my composure. That shit right there was the reason I hadn’t taken Nicole up on her offer to have a threesome with Keisha. As much as I loved my wife, this shit here would make her leave me. No woman wants to see her man get turned the fuck out by another woman. Even with all of Nicole’s security, this would bother her. “Oh shit, bitch! Just like that!” I screamed out, letting her head go and grabbing onto her ass, riding the waves to an orgasm. “You my bitch? Huh? Huh?” “Yesssss,” Keisha screamed out. “Say it! Say that shit,” I moaned, slapping her on both of her ass cheeks. “I’m your bitch, baby! Ooooh! I’m your bitch!” I reached down and choked her. I was buckin’ and riding her like a bull rider. I had both hands wrapped around her neck, slamming into her. She collapsed onto the bed. I knew that choking shit took her to another level. I leaned into her, trying to drill her through her bed. I didn’t stop until I had cum, not even realizing that she’d stopped breathing. “Oh shit,” I said to myself. The last thing I needed was for her to die on me. “Keisha! Keisha! Girl stop playing.” I turned her limp body over, leaning down to give her mouth to mouth. I knew I was squeezing tight, but I’d done worse with scarves before, so I didn’t know what was different this time. I leaned down, pressing my mouth against hers. Before I could blow air in, I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. I pulled back and looked at her as she grinned. I wanted to slap the shit outta her but I knew that would cause more problems than it would make my point. “The hell is wrong with you?” I asked, getting up and putting my clothes on. I was past disgusted. This woman was on a whole other level of crazy. “I wanted a kiss so I got one,” she said with a smirk on her face as she switched her ass into the bathroom to wash up. I didn’t say another word to her. I just put on my clothes, walked out to the car, and waited on her to bring her ass on. I knew then and there that I was done fuckin’ with her. She was the kind that would set me up to be killed if she didn’t get her way. Hell, she might do that shit now that I was done, but that was a chance that I was willing to take. Nicole knew about the safe deposit box where I kept all my files and recordings in the case that some fishy shit happened to me. “Awwww, don’t tell me you’re mad,” Keisha said, reaching over to rub my face. “Don’t touch me, man,” I said, trying to control my anger. “You ain’t have a problem with me touchin’ you a minute ago,” she said, laughing like something was funny. “You for real mad that I made you kiss me?” She stopped laughing and got serious. “I thought your stupid ass was dead, Keisha,” I yelled. “You over here crying wolf. Our job requires trust. I can’t trust you when you pullin’ shit like that. It makes me wonder what the hell else you’re capable of,” I said, pulling out of her driveway. “Whatever,” she huffed. She hated for me to doubt her loyalty but she was the one always doing something to put doubt in my mind. We rode in silence for the next half hour. I wasn’t feeling her anymore and she knew it. I could tell that it was starting to register that I was done with her after that stunt. “Look Sam, I apologize for that. It was kinda fucked up. I just don’t get why you won’t kiss me. I mean, I get why you don’t kiss the hoes and shit that I look the other way while you knock ‘em down. But we have a bond. I mean, I’m your partner. We’ve saved each other’s lives. Why deprive me of that?” she asked, honestly wanting to know. “Some things are only meant for my wife. Kissing is intimate and I don’t like to get that deep with anyone but her.” “That’s why you won’t give me head either, huh?” she asked, putting two and two together. “You get a gold star today, rookie. What I look like going home to kiss my wife when my lips have been on another woman’s mouth or my tongue all in her pussy?” I rationalized. “You’d look the same way that you do sticking a dick that’s been in six random pussies up in her,” she said, sarcastically. “You wanna save some shit for your wife, keep your vows and stop fuckin’ around on her, period. How the hell you gone cheat on her but try to save some shit just for her. What kinda dumb shit is that? You must have forgotten who you’re talkin’ to. I spend more time with you than she does. I know who you really are.” “You know what, Keesh, you’re absolutely right. I should only be fuckin’ my wife. And since you’re so for my fidelity, I’m sure you won’t mind if I wean myself from you first, right?” I said, never taking my eyes off the road. She sucked her teeth because she’d just walked right into that one. I appreciated her making this easy for me. Smiling to myself, I turned into the Dairy Queen parking lot. I was hungry after that workout with Keisha. “You hungry?” I asked, getting out of the car. I didn’t give her a chance to give me a smart reply. I went in to have some lunch.


And because he's my favorite character and will have his own series...


Ra’el “Aye man, I get a phone call,” I yelled from the holding cell at the cops who were pretending to be too busy to do their damn jobs. “Nigga, I know you fuckin’ hear me! Gimme my phone call,” I hollered at the fat ass cop walkin’ past me like he was deaf. I wanted to reach out and grab his ass but I kept my cool. “You better shut the hell up before a phone call is the least of your worries,” this bitch cop said from across the counter. “Is that a threat, slim?” I asked her, meeting her nasty ass attitude with one of my own. I looked down at her name tag that read S. Hall and planned to pay her a visit when I got outta here. She diverted her eyes and walked away realizing that I wasn’t playin’ with her. “That’s what the fuck I thought,” I said, sittin’ down on the bench. I rubbed my hands over my face and leaned back against the wall. I knew they were gonna take their time giving me my phone call because they were trying to make the shit they’d found in my house stick. What felt like a forever later, I heard keys jingling against the bars. “About damn time,” I said, standing up and walking towards the front. I smiled when I saw Pastor Noland standing behind the officer. I knew he’d had the necessary conversation with the Police Chief to make this shit go away. “Pastor,” I nodded, giving him a brotherly hug. “What did I tell you about keepin’ shit in your house?” he whispered in my ear. I pulled back from him and nodded, knowing I’d fucked up. But before he even started to say shit to me, he was gonna have to explain why in the fuck Keisha and I weren’t made aware of the raid that they were planning. Something about that shit wasn’t sitting right with me and we were gonna get to the bottom of it. I walked over to the counter and the scary ass bitch cop was standing there. “My bad, slim. We had an exchange of words earlier and I know the shit was ‘cause I was cuttin’ up in here. I apologize. You were just doin’ yo’ job. Can I get my things?” I said, laying on the charm. Her gullible ass ate it up, too. She had no idea that I had somethin’ for her ass when she got off tonight. She walked away, coming back with my belongings. I hadn’t been processed, but they had taken my jewelry and shit. I thought the shit was backwards as hell but, if they’d run my prints, there wouldn’t have been anything the Pastor or the Chief could’ve done to save my ass. I had been gettin’ into all types of shit lately. No tellin’ where I’d left prints. I reached out and took my bag, holding her hand and lookin’ into her eyes. “What’s your name, beautiful?” I leaned in and whispered to her. “Shawnna,” she replied, blushing. “I’m sure I’ll see you around, Shawnna. I’d love to get you outta that uniform,” I said, winking and letting go of her hand before walking away. I smirked at Pastor Noland as we made our way out the door. We walked over to his Jag and got in. I knew he was gonna make sure we were well off of the premises before he said a word. I watched the scenery on the way back to my house. Once we had passed the cemetery and the Sanitation Department, he pulled over, in front of some apartment buildings that should have been torn down. I’ll never understand how they hate me for what I do, but they put people in these dangerous ass buildings, give them no hope for better and lace their pockets with money meant for these folks. I feed whole families and give these lil’ niggas the opportunity to get out the hood and get something better. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a cord around my neck. Kickin’ and struggling, I knew they weren’t about to kill me, they just needed to make a point. I looked in the mirror to see Pastor Noland’s wife looking back at me with an evil ass smirk on her face. I knew that bitch was enjoying it more because I stopped fuckin’ her ancient pussy ass and had her daughter, Blessyng, sniffin’ around the goods. I swear I’m gone put a hole right between this hoe’s crossed ass eyes one of these days, I thought to myself as I grabbed at the cord. The windows were tinted so no one could see what was goin’ on. But even if they could, everybody knows Pastor’s car, so they would’ve played blind, deaf, and dumb any damn way. “That’s enough, Pamela,” Pastor commanded. I saw her look at him like he was crazy before letting the cord fall into my lap. I didn’t know how his ass slept beside her every night. That bitch was lethal. The type that would put your dick through a meat grinder while it was still attached if you didn’t fuck her right. Don’t ask me how I know. “Next time, I won’t stop her,” he threatened, looking over at me. “Man, gone with that bullshit. You know you ain’t got nobody movin’ shit like I do. And yo’ pitbull lookin’ ass wife need somebody to keep bringin’ them young tenders to her to keep her ass in business. I pay your mortgage nigga, so don’t play me like I don’t know my worth. Anyway,” I said, rubbin’ my neck, “what the hell happened back there, man? I thought y’all had me covered. I’m supposed to be fuckin’ untouchable but they laid they hands on me today. Time is money and I just lost out on a shitload of money.” He pulled back out onto the road, headed to my house. He didn’t say anything which let me know that he didn’t know how the shit had happened either. I didn’t have time for this shit. If the money I was payin’ their asses wasn’t gonna work to keep me out of jail, I was gonna take shit into my own hands. “Yo, I know you heard me. What the hell happened back there?” I spoke slowly like he was hard of hearing or mentally challenged. “I’m meeting with the Chief, the Commissioner, and the Mayor tomorrow. I think you should come so we can both get some answers. The way shit’s been goin’ ain’t sittin’ right with me. But you,” he said, turning to me when he pulled up in my driveway, “you need to stop with the dumb shit. I got there before they printed your ass today. Next time, you might not be so lucky. You’re in a position where you don’t have to get your hands dirty. I keep young niggas workin’ for you through my youth program. Don’t get cocky or ya ass gone end up rottin’ somewhere, either dead in an alley or in a fuckin’ cell.” I let what he said sink in. I was gone get some answers alright. Tonight and tomorrow. Keisha was gone get a reminder of what happened when her ass didn’t do what she was supposed to and that slick mouth ass bitch Shawnna was about to catch it, too. Reaching for the door, I looked in the mirror at his wife, then back at him. “I hear you, old man. You just do what you supposed to do. I got me,” I got out, slamming the door. “I don’t know who the fuck these niggas thinkin’ they playin’ with, but I’m finna let ‘em know why I’m muhfuckin’ King,” I said, hittin’ my chest and goin’ in the house. I looked around, gettin’ mad as hell at the way they’d torn my shit up. They’d pulled up carpet and tile and put holes in the walls. This shit was personal. When I found out who was behind this, they were gonna have hell to pay. I got in my car headed to my house in Mitylene. I hated to be away from the hood so I was rarely there, but I had no choice until I could get my shit cleaned up. That’s the price I pay for being that nigga.


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