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Naked in N'awlins

Life can be soooooo overwhelming. Add a recent breakup, two children, a job that you're not feeling, and a passion for the arts (that has given you mild celebrity), and you have one tired Superwoman. I told a friend that I needed a break, even if I had to go alone. Her response was, “lemme check my calendar.” Of course, I was clueless, her meaning going all the way over her head, until she started sending me Groupons and told me to check Air B-N-B for a place to stay for the weekend. I still missed it, and just thought she was a dope friend, helping me plan my weekend getaway.

My mama already had plans to get the children, so I was for the trip. My destination of choice, New Orleans, Louisiana. The city I call home. WHO DAT! No, I’m not from New Orleans., but that’s where my soul’s from. Me? I’m from Da Gump (Montgomery, AL for those of y’all who live in a cave lol), by way of Selma, AL. Anyway, it took about ten minutes of planning to realize that my friend was checking her calendar to see if she was free to getaway with me, and, as the Universe would have it, she was. An hour later, we’d planned an entire weekend, including a swamp and ghost tour, some shopping and sight-seeing, a drag show, and lots of daiquiris. I was going to get off work, leave for Montgomery the next morning, and we were N’awlins bound.

New Orleans, Here We Come!

I got to my mom’s, my home girl picked me up, and we were on our way to a much-needed vacay. See, what I didn’t tell you was that I’d had the worst case of writer’s block in existence. But it wasn’t because I hit a wall creatively. It was because the job that I loathed, the breakup, and the children, had me stressed to the point that I couldn’t create. I felt like a failure and my friend, who knew how much I loved writing, felt it, too. Hence her getting me out of my element for a little bit. I figure she was tired of not having books to read, and me being all miserable and depressed and things. Lol.