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God Has Dreadlocks

A Father/Daughter Poem Creator. Rapture rests within his loins But she she came from a psychic dream birthed by him  speaking her name in his sleep. And instantly he loved her. Visionary. Father holds centuries on his fingertips and when he strokes her face, she awakens with the ability  to see the future. Yes, instantly he loved her. At the crack of dawn Daddy sends her off into the darkness to design  solar systems and galaxies but never lets her leave without a few dreams in her pocket. At the days end she manifests them into reality on her work desk. And before she goes to sleep  each night, he tells her who she is and how she came to be: Baby to become lady Woman to become queen Daughter Fruit of my seed. Through one another they gained understanding. She... Chanted prayers while  twisting his hair until it matted, a crown of black holes  upon his head. He... Told her jokes over plates of ambrosia and she laughed so hard her baby fat jiggled creating light years within the waves. Instantly, he loved her. As she grew into all he’d spoken her to be always they stayed bonded by laughter. She... Metamorphed through phases of maturity growing from  baby to lady woman to queen. He... With graying black hole/locks spirit tiring from centuries of purging planetary impurities prepared to relinquish his throne as king. Together they’d aged in understanding sharing  intergalactic contemplations alongside  jovial ambrosial memories laughter continued  hearty portions in their relationship. Continually he loved her.  She no longer jiggled when  she giggled but rather released sonic waves and matched his cosmic vibrations inheritant gods were created in their laughter. © Joi Miner

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