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As a Survivor of both sexual assault and domestic violence, Joi is familiar with the isolation, fear, and depression one may suffer following being attacked. With the assistance of some very supportive individuals, including the staff at Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), Joi was able to begin healing and living a normal, healthy life again. 

She found that her writing assisted her in this process and compiled the Liberation Workshop, which she introduced to teach the healing processes of writing to others. The workshops have been well received and have helped both non-survivors and survivors alike find their voice in a world where they felt that their voice is not heard.

The Liberation Workshop consists of:

·      The creation of the I SEE ME Empowerment Journal

·      A brief lecture by Joi Miner

·      Call and response unity chants/meditation

·      A writing session

·      A voluntary sharing of the writing. 

The Workshop is free and suitable for ages 12 and up. Pre-registration is recommended by not required. In the year of its implementation, 2003, the Workshop included the distribution of a journal and brochure that the attendee could take home with them. Using these the attendee can revisit the information presented in the program and continue the healing process through their writing.

The focuses of the workshop are:

·    Creating a positive self-image

·      Self-esteem boosts

·      Empowerment in one’s abilities and individuality

·      Love and healing from any transgression

·      Coping strategies

Because healing is an ongoing process, Joi has continued to write herself and has compiled a collection of her healing poetry that will be available to the survivors as well. 

I Can Be A Poet: Discovering The Writer Within

Using her own poetry and poetry and poetry from other famous poets, Joi teaches students how to string words and sounds together to create their own poetry.  She uses interactive activities as well as group work and individual writing to open up several aspects of expression in the students. The workshop builds confidence in their own reading and writing skills and the students leave with a newfound love and appreciation for the art.

At the end of the workshop, each student is given a Poetic License that they can use to express themselves through the written word.

She has worked with Juliette Hampton Morgan Library, Johnny Carr Middle School Forensic Club, Montgomery Education Association, and Southlawn Middle School Debate Team.

Liberation Workshop at Alabama State University