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What's Wrong With Your Teeth?

Comic Relief

I never think that what I say is funny, but for some reason people are in stitches when they talk to me. I guess it’s because I have no filter whatsoever. I literally say what I think and meant just what I said and how it came out. So, when people start laughing, I sit there, with a straight face, because I wasn’t really trying to be funny, but I’ll take that. My daughters joke all the time that I make “dad jokes,” you know, the jokes your father made that he thought were just hilarious but were never really funny. If you were like me, you would just stare, and blink slowly, maybe flash an awkward smile, as not to hurt his feelings, and then tell him, as kindly as you could, that you didn’t get it. In other words, I’m never funny when I’m trying to be, but when I’m just talking, people end up in stitches. This is why I could never do stand-up, even though people seem to think that I should.

I'm SUCH A Dad!

This was confirmed for me the other day. Well, it’s confirmed every day, but this particular day is the inspiration for this post. My pen sister and boo thang, Nai McCrae, asked me to help her choose an author photo. She sent me several, and as I looked at them, I couldn’t help but to see how absolutely beautiful she was. Nai is from NY, and I laughed, because it’s known that NY girls have a whole lotta attitude, right? Am I grouping here? I don’t think so. Lol. But looking at all her pictures, I noticed that she wasn’t smiling in a single one of them. The interaction that followed was one that we still talk about. Check the screenshot below…

What I say???