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Minding The Business That Pays You...


Heyyyyyy Boos! When I decided to revive my blog, I planned this nice, fun post, letting y'all  know what to expect from the kid. But then I realized that would be soooooo UN-Joi. Lol. One: it wouldn't be my blunt, honest, transparent self. Two: Now's not a time to come out all meek and  mild. Now, in today's climate, you gotta come out swingin'! Well... whatcha waitin' for? Scroll on... 



Everybody's Business Is Everybody's Business, Right? The other day, I was going to pick my oldest and her boyfriend up from their movie date. Yes, my 17-year-old has a boyfriend and they were on a date. Let’s have a moment of silence for my remaining black hair and hairline. Lol. Well, there was a car that was stopped on my street and the men were standing outside of it with the hood up. Yes, it was late, and I was running late getting the kids, but my daddy taught me a thing or two about cars and they looked like they were struggling, so the Good Samaritan in me made me stop and roll the window down. Not enough to reach in, but enough for them to hear me. Don’t worry, they were under a street light, I had my girl in my lap (my knife) and Miss Piggy on my hip (my glock), so I had taken all precautions.

Let me set the scene.


My Key to Success: Mind the Business That Pays You


From Visualization to Manifestation

First you have to see it... Jim Carrey wrote himself a check when he decided to take himself seriously. Ten million dollars was the chosen amount. His goal was to one day be able to cash that check. He visualized what he wanted for himself, not getting caught up in his current existence of being broke and poor and a nobody and manifested it. Visualize what you want, who you want to be, and work towards that. Whether it be using a vision board, setting personal goals, or creating a group of like-minded people, give yourself something positive to focus on. Here's a little help!

I created two checks that you can fill out and print out. Put them in your pocket. Keep them in your wallet. Use them as s focus tool and to help you stay focused on what's important and what matters. One is for everyone. And, because I'm a writer, I made one specifically for writers. Just click the images or the captions to download. Then you have to work for it...

  1. FOCUS on what matters.

  2. FOCUS on what can move you forward.

  3. FOCUS on your personal goals.

  4. FOCUS on your life, and not what others have going on. My favorite video is of Eric Thomas asking How Bad Do You Want It (Success)? Ask yourself 3 questions.

  5. How badly do you want to succeed?

  6. How badly do you want to achieve your goals?

  7. What are you willing to dedicate to your future?Then 3 more.

  8. What are your goals?

  9. Why are these your goals?

  10. What has hindered you from achieving them up until now?

Your Most Valuable Resource


Now, Go Forth And Be Great!

Everybodys business brushes 2


See y'all soon! Love y'all!


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