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Poetic Advisory Editorial Services

Do you have a manuscript that you need polished to perfection? Or a college paper that you need given an editorial once over? Are you preparing your submission to a publisher or agent and want to make sure that you are not excluded because of grammatical and typographical errors?
We have experienced editors who are ready to put our red pens to work for you! With 20 years of experience and over 100 edits completed in the past year alone, we have edited all kinds of novels (from bestsellers to self-published works), poetry collections, and term papers and would love to help you in putting the finishing touches on your masterpieces. Our services include minor story development, spelling and grammar checks, and formatting. 

Our rates are reasonable, based on your needs, and turnaround times are swift. Reach out to us for an email consultation

Here is a list of the novels that we have edited that are available for purchase: 

Contact us for a complete list of our edits and to inquire about our services and pricing!